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Creating a strumming pattern (incl. palm muting) 

As an example I'm using the classic Peggy-Lee song, "Fever" - which a student recently asked me to help them learn.

I'll take you through a process of coming together with a strumming pattern, which will hopefully help you do so on your own for any song you want to play.

Here's the original, to refer to:

Firstly, identify the main riff and count the beats to identify how long it is.

Before the vocal comes in, the riff lasts for four bars and is repeated twice. 

Once the vocal comes in the first two bars are…Read more

How to strum guitar 

This tutorial will show you how to strum a guitar, with strumming patterns to practice and learn.

Basic strumming is fundamental to playing a guitar and I have found that most people need to be taught how to strum correctly.

The following strumming patterns will show you the basics of how to strum guitar and set you on the right path.

Your strumming arm is like the drummer in a band - it keeps time. You need to be able to move it up and down in strict time with a metronome. If it never pauses, speeds up, or…Read more

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