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Modes - where are they? 

This tutorial provides a systematic and simple approach to learning to play modes / modal scales / modal styles on guitar, complete with free backing tracks to jam with and practice, whilst you explore modes on your guitar.

The following video covers what modes are and why you might need them. It shows you how to locate the various modal box positions and includes tips for how to relate to them and how to identify the small differences between each of them. I strongly recommend that you watch it with your…Read more

Modes - what are they? 

The modal system can seem confusing, complex, or just plain pointless!

I am therefore starting with a simple example, one bar of G, followed by a bar of F and C:

Referring to my tutorial 'Which chords to use?', it could be said that this progression is in the key of C major I.E. These chords can all be derived from the C major scale and ,when harmonising all major scales, it is only from the C major scale that all three of these chords are established.

Click here for all harmonised major scales, if you wish to…Read more

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