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...and welcome to all things musical in the life of Robin May ~ that's me :)

I'm self-employed and split my time between educating and making music. You'll find more info on me and my story within 'The Performer' section but, if 'a picture speaks a thousand words', you may simply like to see the gallery below to get a feel for who I am.

...and, "Yes" - I have spent much of my life with a guitar in hand!

Within my site you'll find easy to understand music theory for guitarists including: what is a scale?how to work out scaleswhat chords to usehow chords are createdwhat modes are and where to find modal scale positions. I offer one-to-one guitar tuition from my home in Arnside, Cumbria as well as online guitar lessons via Skype or Google Hangouts, so you can have 1-2-1 guitar lessons with an experienced guitar teacher and working musician, wherever you are in the world.

I have backing tracks that you can play along with for free whilst here, or to buy and download. Use the simple navigation above, and don't hesitate to get in touch.

All the best