In the guitar review we'll discuss:
  1. Where are you currently, with regard to your guitar playing, and where would you like to get to;
  2. How will you get there, steps you could take, and how I might support you;
  3. Personalised tips to help you with an aspect of your playing.

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What others say:
  • "I have found Robin to be a very engaging and enthusiastic instructor who has a very practical and fun approach to teaching guitar which you would expect from a performing musician. This is supported by a sound understanding of music theory and his published material written specifically around the guitar is very informative and extremely well presented. Any initial reservations I had about using Skype as a medium for conducting guitar lessons were quickly dismissed and I have found the experience with Robin to be very positive. I would recommend to anyone thinking of taking guitar lessons to give it a go." ~ Mark (Qatar)
  • "Robin is an excellent guitar teacher. What makes his lessons so motivating and enjoyable is his ability to apply his vast knowledge of the instrument to the level of the student. He takes time to understand not only the students' ability but also their aspirations and commitment, allowing him to apply just the right amount of "stretch" I have found the blend of theory and practice he employs, augmented by extensive support materials, really helpful in developing my own understanding and playing. Whatever your level I would wholeheartedly recommend Robin as your guide on your musical journey." ~ Graeme Pyle (Cumbria)
  • "Great teacher, had the ability to figure out my style of learning and cater to it. I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson." ~ Ben Thompson (Leeds)
  • "Caring tutor ever met! My mother tone is not English but he could explain to me very well the music knowledge, so i guess he has a really good and deep knowledge for it! Did learn a lot from him!" ~ Terry Tang (Hong Kong)
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