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Work in progress

I'm just re-creating myself as a singer songwriter ~ how exciting is that!

I composed this one on my baritone ukulele. The starting point was the, "something's going on" refrain / riff ~ inspired by my appreciation of Eddie Vedder. I then landed upon the idea of having the meaning of that line change as the song progresses ~ so at first it's a case of, "Ohhh! Nooooo! something's going on" whilst it completes on a, "Oh! Yes!! something's going on here :)"
Something's Going On (Robin May)

Composing this next one was a bit of a strange realisation, and a lesson in shifting perception in order to acheive! I wrote the first verse and then couldn't seem to move it forward for weeks....then I realised that what I had written was in fact the last verse ~ and then it all fell into place one evening.
Recorded in a single take ~ no frills, edits etc...just me and my guitar sat in my lounge with a single microphone :)
Sweet Anticipation (Robin May)

I am proud to say that my parents had their 60th wedding anniversary in 2014. I wrote this to openly declare how much I admire these wonderful two folks who I am fortunate to call Mum and Dad :)
Unfortunately I have realised that it's not in the best key for me here...but the intention and feeling is authentic.
Diamond Lovers (Robin May)

These are all 'rough' demos at the moment. I will, no doubt, be recording them 'properly' and releasing a CD at some stage. Thanks for showing interest in my original material and don't hesitate to get in touch and let me know what you think of it.
Kind regards